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Walter Horn
Walter Horn

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Moments musicaux op. 15:

No.1 C major 1968

No.2 C minor 1968 / 69

No.3 F major 1969

No.4 A minor 1969

No.5 F sharp minor 1970

No.6 C minor 1968

Alexandra Felder, piano
Recorded August 27, 2010 at
Musikhochschule Wuppertal


Dedications op. 8 No.9 D minor
"Roland" 1964

opus 12 No.1 G major 1967

Piece for piano C major 6-1995

Piece for piano C major 10-1999

Alexandra Felder, piano
Recorded November 3, 2011 at
Kölner Tonstudio, Cologne


Piece for piano C major 9-1994

Piece for piano E flat major 8-2000

Alexandra Felder, piano
Recorded April 6, 2013 in Cologne

Link to Alexandra Felder:

Michael Horn, Overath, 2014