Walter Horn, 1941
Walter Horn, 1941 

Walter Horn
was born in Augsburg on 19 May 1922, but was raised in Würzburg. From 1938 to 1940 he attended the National Music Academy in Würzburg signing up for the main subjects organ and piano.

He took his A-levels in 1941, which was followed by the call-up orders for military service.

In 1945 Walter Horn suffered a war injury and stayed at the military hospital in Bad Pyrmont until late 1946.

After the war had come to an end, the circumstances kept him from pursuing his desired career as an orchestra conductor. Instead, he attended the School of Engineering in Würzburg until 1950.

As of 1952 Walter Horn was employed at Klöckner Humbold-Deutz, Cologne as a mechanical engineer, which was terminated by his retirement in 1984.

Walter Horn, 1922 - 2008

In 1961 Walter Horn got married to the school teacher Dietlinde Goller. The marriage produced two children: Michael and Heike. From 1972 Walter Horn and his family lived in Overath-Immekeppel. His wife, who fell ill with a brain tomour in 1975 and who had to undergo several operations, was nursed by her husband until she passed away in 1993.

Walter Horn, 1922 - 2008

Walter Horn died on 13 September 2008 preceded by a short but bad disease.

In public as well as in his private life Walter Horn was a very reserved and taciturn personality. Being a very good sight-read player, he enjoyed the company of several musicians, with whom he made music on a regular basis.

At home he liked listening to the radio, loved solving chess problems and was a member of the chess club Turm Lövenich for a while. After his retirement he enjoyed cooking and joined the Protestant parish senior citizens' club in Herkenrath, where he felt very comfortable as a Protestant believer.


Michael Horn, Overath, 2014